When you are trying to have your house upgraded without investing much or even if you are trying to flip a house and make money, you must choose how to spend your funds wisely. 

Flooring makes a high impact

Kitchen and Flooring are where your high-impact dollars are and you must make smart decisions to increase your profit margin. Choosing floors that go well with the house makes a big difference in your market value and also in your pocket. If you want a warm feeling in the house you might want to stick to wood or at least something that looks like wood and is in your price range like high-end laminate or luxury vinyl. Looking for efficient and allergen-free options choosing ceramic tile or porcelain will certainly attract buyers and impress them for sure.

Our Recent 1920 Remodel

We were delighted to be chosen for this project! We’re so proud of the results. The bathroom was original from 1920 and had a dark appearance, many small spaces, and an old aspect. With the knowledge of our designer, we recreated the bathroom that with its brightness from the modern intentions shows a much more spacious area. Contact us for a custom free estimate today!