Community Service is also part of Bath and Beyond Remodeling. Last year we were part of at least three projects that helped better serve the residents of RiverWalk Cove Condominium.

Fixing Street Holes

The first project was to assist in buying materials and volunteering weekend service hours to fix a sinkhole located between two buildings to prevent the hole from getting bigger and causing more damage.

Repairing street signage

Secondly, painting concrete signs that were faded due to sun damage, on the streets.

Repainting the basketball court

In our third project, we were part of the team assisting a girl scout in completing her project to improve the condominiums’ basketball court. We provided machinery, donated material, and provided training, and labor hours for employees. It turned out great.

It is your home and you will spend hours of your day there so why not make it your own?

Change the paint, the flooring,  the shower, or even start off with your kitchen. Make it a priority and we will make it a paradise.
Give us your ideas and desires and we will make it happen. It is our pleasure to make you want to brag about your house.